Did you know that on average it can cost £13,500 plus VAT to defend an employment tribunal in the UK?

This is a very cautious estimate which could vary considerably depending on the complexity of the case, the length of hearing, the volume of documents, and the experience and therefore cost of your chosen barrister (yes that’s right you would need a barrister).

That’s a lot of money for a small business to lose, and that’s just the cost of showing up, any compensatory awards given to a successful claimant would be on top of this. Sadly, if you win, it is unlikely the claimant would be required to pay costs, so the stark reality is that your hard-earned revenue is lost in legal fees regardless of outcome.

Defending a tribunal is stressful, time consuming, zaps your attention and energy, and hangs over your business for probably 18 months minimum, and should the claimant win, there could also be reputational damage too, tribunal judgements are public documents.

Is that a risk worth taking?

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Do you Feel:

  • Worried your business is at risk of an employment tribunal claim and does that keep you awake at night?
  • Unsure whether you have everything you should have in place from an HR perspective to keep your business safe and legally compliant?
  • Worried that your HR understanding is lacking and that not knowing the right answers could become a costly mistake?
  • You are spending more and more time on HR admin and people management tasks when it isn’t your area of expertise and you really need to be focusing on other things within your business?
  • Alone or unsupported and would like the reassurance of a trusted expert that you can call on when you have an HR query or problem?
  • Concerned you might not have the right people doing the right roles with the right skillsets to help you meet your business objectives?
  • That you really want to take care of your people so that you have a happy, healthy and engaged team that will help you take care of your business?
  • You haven’t got time to take care of you?

The Benefits of having an outsourced HR Manager (HRM)

It’s completely understandable that when you are flat-out building your business, finding new customers and growing revenue will often take priority over setting up HR policies, processes and initiatives. But you don’t want to be at risk of an employment tribunal claim or unable to deal with a complex HR issue without it costing you a lot of time, energy and money because you haven’t got the right tools and advice in place. This is not something you need to be worrying about or losing sleep over. As your HRM, I can lift that burden from your shoulders and let you get on with doing what you do best – running your business.

As your company grows and you find that your time is being eaten up by HR tasks that you don’t really understand or know how to deal with properly it’s really important not to guess and just muddle through, but to reach out and get some expert help. With the right advice and measures in place your people management and planning is much simpler and more streamlined so that you, your employees, and your business thrive, and you make informed people decisions for your business.

Imagine the sheer relief and reassurance you feel knowing that you have a good HR framework in place and a happy and engaged team. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your business is not exposed to risk and has everything in place that is required to keep you safe and legal. And should you need it, you have a top expert on your team, who has got your back on all things HR.

What does engaging you as ‘My HR Manager’ give me?

Engaging me as your outsourced HRM on a retained basis gives you a dedicated and personalised HR resource for an agreed number of hours per week or month working on the business HR needs but without the same costs and overheads associated with a full-time, permanent employee. I work as a member of your management team and your HRM for the business but I don’t get involved in the office politics. I review what you already have in place, work out what’s missing, come up with a prioritised plan of actions based on risks and liabilities and be available when you need me to advise and support you with all your HR issues, queries and admin as they arise. The time booked is provided on set days or at agreed times or is drawn down on as and when needed over the course of each month, all recorded on a timesheet.

As a thank you for signing up as a retained client you will get your first years subscription to Breathe HR for free (capped to 50 employees, for more than 50 employees I will gift to the value of 50 and you will be asked to top up).

As a retained client you will also receive a discount code for 10% off any of my off the shelf products and training sessions or programmes featured in the Metro HR Learning Portal or Store during the retained period.

Includes free 1st year subscription to Breathe HR worth between £150 and £750 VAT included (capped at 50 employees)

Who am I and what do I know about HR?

I’m Charlotte and I am the founder of Metro HR. An HR Consultant, HR Strategist and Trainer with just over 20 years’ experience in people management and planning, and a Chartered Member of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development).

For the majority of my career, I have worked in standalone or independent HR roles working with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses. I volunteer for the CIPD Sussex Branch facilitating a forum for other independent HR providers and I am a HR Growth Champion for Coast to Capital – a government backed small business support scheme. I also help develop other HR professionals through training, coaching, mentoring and support.

I started Metro HR because I want to share my passion in the power of simple but great HR and the amazing benefits it can have on business growth and performance with as many small businesses as possible.

We spend more time with our work colleagues than we do with our families and having come across some questionable management skills over the years I want to bring balance and harmony to workplaces, so they are an enjoyable, productive and rewarding place where people want to work. I want to help business owners and management teams like you feel reassured you are legally compliant and give you peace of mind that you have everything in place that you need so that you can get on with running your business without the potential threat of expensive tribunal claims.

But I also want to enlighten you to how looking after your people can unlock a huge amount of potential in your people and your business. I want to help you take care of your people so your people take care of your business, after all with happy people you will have a happy business. I can show you how to achieve this, because I have seen so many get it wrong, and I understand the negative impact a poorly managed HR issue can have on your business.

What's included in the average 'Your HR Manager' retainer?

On application to work with me as your dedicated HRM you will be asked to book a 30 minute discovery call to introduce yourself, tell me about your business so I can ensure a retainer is the right approach, and if we agree a retainer is the way forward we will get started.

As a guide, an average retainer includes:

  • A discovery and disclosure session with the Management Team to discuss business mission, values, objectives and HR concerns to determine HR priorities to help you meet your business objectives.
  • Approx. a day/month allocated to your business for the duration of the agreed retainer period.
  • A full audit of all HR documentation in place along with recommendations for improvements and additions.
  • Setting all of your employees up on the Breathe HR Information System to appropriately store employee details and documentation and streamline holiday, sickness and line management activities. Includes loading employee details and training for a nominated internal contact (annual subscription will be an additional cost from 1st anniversary).
  • The preparation and presentation of a simple HR strategy with recommendations on priorities for implementation for the retained timeframe and beyond.
  • A plan of action/implementation for the agreed priorities in line with budget and hours available.
  • Introduction of a simple performance and progress review system.
  • Expert HR advice and support for the agreed time period/hours.
  • Quarterly reflect and review sessions with the management team.

Is working with an outsourced HR Manager right for you?

Working with an outsourced HR Manager IS FOR businesses that:

  • Don’t need a full-time HRM with the salary and associated on-costs, but they do want quality and value for the money they do spend
  • Are spending more and more time on HR tasks and activities which is eating into management time and energy
  • Are worried they don’t know the answers so could get it wrong, which could be a very costly mistake
  • Aren’t sure whether they have everything in place and feel at risk of employment tribunal claims
  • Haven’t got the tools and processes in place to help them deal with complex HR issues when they arise
  • Want to remove the uncertainty and get peace of mind
  • Want to feel confident that they have an HR plan in place to help them meet their business goals and growth plans
  • Want to genuinely look after their people
  • Want to unlock the potential of great HR so their people and their business thrive
  • Want to know they have a trusted expert on hand who has got their back on all things HR

Working with an outsourced HR Manager IS NOT FOR businesses that:

  • Are looking for a quick fix solution – if you have a specific isolated HR issue then you can purchase a block of hours to deal with just that issue
  • Are looking for a complete handover of HR responsibilities, your input will be required, we work as a team
  • Want to pass on their line management responsibilities – managers need to manage their people and will be encouraged to do so
  • Don’t want to invest some of their time and energy into HR and their people
  • Don’t see the value in developing their people
  • Aren’t prepared to meet their legal obligations or are looking for advice on how to carry out poor HR practices with limited risk
  • Are prepared to pay employees off as a standard approach to get away with poor HR practices
  • Haven’t got relevant insurances and statutory registrations in place

The average retainer is designed to give you an idea of what can be achieved for a certain number of hours/price.  The reality is we offer complete flexibility for businesses of all sizes and budgets.  We could set a retainer up for as many hours per week or month as you feel your business needs, and it can be dialled up or down as required.  So if this model retainer doesn’t fit with your thoughts or budget, just book a discovery call and we can discuss what might be right for your business.

As a thank you for signing up as a retained client you will get your first annual subscription to Breathe HR free worth between £150 and £750 inc VAT (capped at 50 employees), after one year an annual subscription charge is payable.

Why Buy Now?

It’s time to take control of your people management and planning and stop the worry, unease and uncertainty.

Let’s get a plan in place to make you legally compliant and reduce the risk of employment tribunal claims but without you needing to spend £45k-£60k per annum on a full-time permanent HR Manager.

With the right advice and measures to hand your people management and planning is simpler, more streamlined and forward thinking which means you can get on with running and growing your business. The sooner we get started the sooner you can get peace of mind and can start to unlock the potential in your people and your business.

As a thank you for signing up as a retained client you will get your first annual subscription to Breathe HR free (after one year an annual subscription charge is payable).

Additionally all retained clients get a discount of 10% off any of my off the shelf products and training sessions or programmes featured in the Metro HR Learning Portal or Store during the retained period.

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