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It’s completely understandable that your approach to HR might have been a bit hit and miss to date or it hasn’t had your full attention because you have been flat out building and growing your business alongside balancing the books and growing revenue.  But that probably doesn’t stop you wondering about whether you are covered legally, worrying about the risks of not being and feeling out of touch with the scale of the problem.

At Metro HR we want to take that uncertainty and worry away.  We can quickly and easily help you discover what shape your HR is in and make recommendations for short-term and long-term improvements based on risk and exposure.  We can work with you to get everything in order, build a framework that will grow with your business and develop a people plan that works in harmony with your business strategy.  You will soon be experiencing the benefits great, simple and well managed HR can bring.

Self-audit HR Checklist

Download our free comprehensive Self-audit HR checklist to see if your company is covering itself legally and using best practices.

Work through this free Self-audit HR Checklist to establish what might be missing, needing an update or to quickly highlight key areas where your business might be exposed to risk or vulnerable to claims by employees.

Once completed you can email it to us at so we can book a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your current position and see if we can get you started on your journey of great people management and planning aligned to your business goals.  We will provide you with our top three recommendations of things to focus on in order of priority.

Free 30-minute consultation for new clients.

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Onsite HR Audit

If you would like a more detailed review of what you have in place we can spend half a day or a day (time spent dependent on number of employees) onsite at your premises to carry out a thorough review of the documentation, policies, procedures and systems you have in place to ensure you are legally compliant and have everything you need for managing your employees effectively.  Following an onsite audit we will provide you with a written report summarising our findings and will make recommendations for immediate, short and long-term improvements.

Mergers and Acquisitions – Due Diligence Auditing

If you are looking to acquire or merge with another business either through a business transfer (TUPE), by purchasing a business or by purchasing the trade and assets of a business in difficulty, you may inherit employees as part of the transfer or purchase.  It can be very challenging bringing two business together that may have very different corporate cultures, ways of working, management styles and policies and procedures.  Employees in the transferring business may be very worried and anxious about the job roles.

With our extensive expertise our consultants can help you collect and analyse key HR data and information to help you identify issues, risks, costs, opportunities and potential savings and could help you determine whether the merger or purchase should go ahead.  If you decide to proceed, we can help you ensure you are fully informed of the HR position.

Involving an HR expert early in the process can help to ensure that legal requirements for consultation are met, that any liabilities or risks are known in advance and where possible minimised, and that the transition is smooth and well managed for both businesses and all employees.

Contact us if you would like to discuss a due diligence audit or book an onsite audit.

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