Our Approach

If you are a growing business, without an HR Director, there a good chance that as the business owner, HR is not your area of specialism. You want to be able to focus on running the business, and take care of all your other responsibilities, safe in the knowledge that staff matters are running smoothly and being looked after expertly and efficiently by a ‘trusted expert’.

To do this for our clients, we have four key objectives:

  1. Ensure your suite of documentation is in order and in line with best practices.
  2. Get a solid framework of policies and procedures in place, to help manage, support employees and develop a positive, healthy culture for your business.
  3. Proactively oversee everything ‘HR’, keep you legally compliant and on top of the ‘must dos’.
  4. Be your go-to person for any HR issues/emergencies that do arise, so you know you are covered in ‘case of emergency’.

How do we do it?

We pride ourselves on providing the right information and supporting you with guidance and back-up every step of the way as flexibly as you need.

We can offer the full spectrum of support from one-off, adhoc HR assistance to a fully managed HR function, or if you need a sounding board or someone to go to once in a while for help or expert advice we have a service for that too.

We act a bit like an HR shapeshifter, so we can:

  • Be your remote HR department or resource
  • Provide support and back-up to an existing HR resource
  • Be your sounding board, see our ‘Sounding Board Service’ for more information
  • Carry out specific HR projects
  • Carry out an audit of your existing HR documentation and processes, see our ‘HR Audit Service
  • Be part of your day to day support network
  • Work with you as flexibly as you need
    • we are a phone call or email away.
    • we can work with you at your premises or we can meet you offsite.

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