Enabling employees to thrive is the key to achieving company goals

A good HR plan aligned to the company objectives gets your people ready to execute on your business strategy and achieve your company goals.

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Developing employees to thrive

People are the key to a business’ competitive advantage and success.

Metro HR helps businesses leverage the full potential of their people and navigate the ever-changing world of work. By supporting you at every stage of the employee lifecycle we can help your business attract and recruit the right employees, create an effective performance review processes that will motivate employees and managers, review how you retain employees through rewards and benefits and enable you to identify training requirements. You would also be able to quickly identify and deal with difficult situations and harmonise your organisation, by aligning staff objectives with your business mission.

We work with you to create a culture where your employees are encouraged to perform at their best, nurturing their ambitions and making them feel they are genuinely part of your business mission.

Reviewing rewards and benefits

Good employee benefit packages are vital for attracting the best candidates to jobs.

Potential candidates now consider many factors in addition to the total remuneration, they will also look at employee benefits packages, company culture, support for wellbeing and options of flexible working. We can create packages that motivate staff to excel and make your company an attractive place to work. Not only will you attract quality employees, but you will also find it easier to retain them.  Long gone are the days of applicants simply having to convince an employer how much they want the job and why they should be selected, applicants now look to business to convince them of why they should want to work there.

Metro HR can help you develop a programme whether you are rewarding staff for their hard work or commitment or enhancing your employee retention strategy. Comprehensive benefit schemes can help you make your business an attractive place to work for employees, as well as demonstrate a positive and caring company culture. Many packages now include a health element, which also has tangible benefits for your business

Processes to make HR simpler

Collecting and maintaining accurate and valuable HR records and information can be very time consuming for your business but is an essential part of managing your people.

As your business grows and you employ more people, paperwork and HR admin tasks can start to build up and take up more and more of your time and attention. With more employees there is also more opportunity for day-to-day problems to occur. Maintaining accurate employee records and information can make all the difference if you need to address issues like poor performance, time keeping or absence, or for future people planning. Accurate data and information can also be the key to saving you from expensive tribunal claims.

With our vast knowledge and lots of tips and tricks up our sleeves Metro HR can help to introduce simple and efficient processes to help you manage your HR admin and data confidentially and in line with data protection legislation. We can also help you convert your policies into simple process flow charts or managers guides to help team members and managers understand and know at a quick glance what they need to do. Having reviewed what you currently have in place we may be able to offer you technology solutions that will dramatically reduce the time you spend on managing your HR administrative tasks and employee records, making it even easier to manage.

Breathe HR 

Easy-to-use HR software designed for SMEs

People admin software your team will love. Intuitive, straightforward and user-friendly. The success of your company is about managing your people — not paper. By focusing on simplicity and ease of use, Breathe is a cloud-based HR software solution designed to tame the chaos, so that you can get out from behind the desk and lead your people. Cumbersome HR systems are officially a thing of the past. Keeping all your user information in one place and automating all those time-consuming human resource administrative tasks, Breathe transforms the way you do HR. With customisable reports, automated and streamlined processes, this HR system gives you the tools you need to support your business.

Metro HR is a Breathe HR Partner and can set you up with a free two week demo and can help you consider and evaluate whether Breathe HR will work for your business.

Talent and succession planning

Metro HR can align the skills of your workforce to your business goals, now and in the future.

We can help you ensure you have the people and skills you need for future success, identifying any talent gaps and helping you recruit for those positions. If you are looking to develop a team or an individual, we can help by working with you to assess the skills needed in the business, considering what you and your employees have already and creating a strategy to build the knowledge and skills required by the business. We can also help identify and develop talented employees to help you retain them for longer.

Reorganisation and restructuring

Reorganisation and restructuring can be very stressful for employers and employees.

We can help you understand the impact on your business and help you consider and navigate through restructuring options in a way which maintains a motivated and productive workforce, while minimising risk and costs.

Metro HR can help you explore your options, make the right decisions and support you through the company restructure, ensuring the changes are made smoothly and that business continuity, productivity and operational efficiency are maintained. We can help you plan the best company structure, helping you become more forward-facing and equipped for future changes.

Redeployment, redundancies & TUPE

Metro HR understand the negative impact that redundancy can have on a company and the need to manage job losses carefully. Our thorough knowledge of the redundancy process means we can expertly guide you through the process effectively, ensuring you meet your legal obligations and minimise the effects on your business and where possible mitigate the effects of redundancy on individuals.

Metro HR can also help you if a business is transferring ownership, we are experienced in helping implement a seamless TUPE transition for employees between companies. We can explain the potential impact on your business and help conduct the transfer in or out of your business ensuring that you stay legally compliant. Failure to comply with TUPE legislation can result in financial penalty.

Management development, training & mentoring

Metro HR’s bespoke training and mentoring programmes can help your managers develop and grow into effective managers and thrive in their roles.

Many managers become a line manager over time as their roles progress without having had any formal training, support or guidance around what being a line manager means to them and the expectations their team has of them. They may not understand what additional roles and responsibilities this brings and how to juggle those additional requirements whilst doing the day job.

If you equip your line managers with the right skills, tools and ongoing support, it will maximise their abilities to manage their team effectively and with confidence. This will minimise potential future problems and risks within the business, reducing the burden on you as a business owner/leader and help your company reach its goals. Metro HR can apply fresh thinking to your operational and strategic challenges and offer innovative solutions to address your training requirements. Typically, we provide management development training based on how to manage a team understanding the roles, responsibilities and time constraints being a line manager brings. Understanding the tools and support around you as a manager and how to manage those difficult HR situations when they arise. Sessions can be one to one, bitesize, or in small groups over a day or two, in person or via online meetings and are very interactive and thought provoking.

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