Welcome to Metro HR

What do we do?

We help small and medium sized businesses deliver great HR.

We provide a complete range of outsourced HR Services. This gives you access to specialist HR knowledge, expertise and guidance in an impartial and objective way, without having to recruit an expensive HR Director.

The relationship we have with our clients is key. We want to work with you to understand your business. This will allow us to give you with the most appropriate HR advice and practical ideas that work for you and fit with your business model.

Having a trusted HR adviserbrings a huge amount of value to a business. Getting support and guidance in what might be an unfamiliar area will give you the confidence to grow your business and the insight you need to retain the best staff. It will give you a safety net, reduce your stress and limit your exposure to expensive problems in the future.

How can we help?

We help our clients to put a proactive HR framework in place as their business starts to grow. This allows them to avoid problems, support employees and increase their engagement to ensure that they stay for the long haul.

We also provide a listening ear and advice on tap through our ‘Sounding Board’ service. Or, a more detailed ‘emergency’ strategy if something has gone wrong.

At Metro HR, we don’t go in for a lot of complex, heavily-policed or faddy methods. We believe that even just a few simple initiatives, done well, can result in a more engaged and better performing team. So, we offer tailored, well-thought out, pragmatic solutions that solve the specific problems causing difficulty or stress.

We like to build a long-term, trusted relationship with our clients, but we don’t tie them into lengthy contracts. And, we understand and appreciate the needs of smaller organisations so we are flexible; we work how you like to work.

Metro HR can:

  • Provide you with peace of mind - check out our unique ‘Sounding Board' service.
  • Help you to recruit and retain the right people.
  • Ensure you maintain legal compliance and follow best practice.
  • Review HR policies, processes and procedures to highlight gaps or risks.
  • Guide you through getting the best out of your team and create a teamwork culture.
  • Help you to engage colleagues to help make your business a success.
  • Develop a strategic HR framework of essential documentation and a people plan to support your business plan and objectives.
  • Help you quickly and successfully manage day to day employee relations issues.

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