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What were you hoping to achieve when you contacted Metro HR?

As a small organisation that was going through a rapid growth period we needed assistance with restructuring and ensuring we were in a fit position to grow. We also wanted to outsource some of the HR work that we simply didn’t have the time or expertise to deal with.

Why did you choose Metro HR and/or why did you feel you needed some outsourced HR support?

Having worked with Charlotte in the past I had supreme confidence that she would be able to calmly and strategically sort through the various issues. Her knowledge of legal matters and good HR practice meant that we felt we were in safe hands whilst going through organisational change.

How did you find the Metro HR service?

We were impressed at the flexibility of Metro HR, they fitted in with our needs and time constraints. Making changes can be a stressful time and our experience was made easier because of their involvement and the care they showed.

How has using Metro HR affected and/or benefited your business?

We continue to work with Metro HR on an ongoing basis and I cannot see that changing as they have always provided a complete service. Working with Metro HR has meant that we are free to concentrate on our core business of supporting families fleeing domestic abuse and to grow as an organisation; safe in the knowledge that we have expertise available when we need it.

Did working with Metro HR meet your need(s)/objective(s)?

All of our objectives have been met.

Will you work with Metro HR again?


Would you recommend Metro HR to others?

I already have!

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