‘We were looking for professional help to oursource our HR needs.’

Charlotte was recommended to us. We alway prefer to work with people that have been referred to us. It just makes it a more personal relationship. We do not like the big corporate approach when you are ‘just a number’.  We needed to alleviate some of the HR workload from the Directors. It was apparent that we were not completely up to date with current HR legislation.

What was it like?

Very personable, yet professional. During our first consultation it was a bit of a relief when it was very obvious from the outset that Charlotte was somebody who knew what she was talking about and could help us.

We felt very comfortable working with her.

How has it helped?

By taking away some of the HR pressures.

Specifically, our employee contracts are now up to date. We have a new staff handbook setting out company policies, procedures and staff behaviour expectations. All this was put in place just in time before the Covid 19 pandemic and was found to be quite useful at times.

Did Metro HR meet your needs?

Yes, very much so.

Would you work with Metro HR again?




‘It’s been a relief to invite somebody into our ‘inner circle’ to help with some of our HR workload. Running a small business can be challenging enough and it’s vitally important to manage your staff respectfully and professionally.’

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