I founded Metro HR because I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise with clients across all sectors, helping them to build motivated and successful businesses. It is my aim to develop a strong client rapport and business understanding with each and every client to provide advice and affordable practical solutions that can be developed to support my clients’ needs now and in the future.

Metro HR Limited was established by Principal HR Consultant Charlotte Allfrey, a true generalist with over 18 years’ experience in all aspects of Human Resource Management.

She is supported by a small group of hand-selected, trusted HR professionals. This allows us to offer an extensive range of services, in particular to account for escalation and appeal processes in employee relations matters.

We have a well-developed strategic and commercial awareness, and we use this to factor in the wider environment in which our clients operate. This helps us to develop robust and practical HR solutions in a sensible, realistic, cost-effective and time-efficient way.

Our clients tend to be small and medium-sized businesses who believe in having a clear vision and set of values.

They genuinely care about staff welfare and are focused on developing and bringing out the best in their employees. They understand how much value highly-motivated staff bring to the business and recognise that well looked after employees care about the business and its customers.

Typically, these companies are about to or have been through a period of fast growth. As the company is expanding, more complex staff issues are coming up which make managing the HR a more and more time consuming and stressful job.

At Metro HR we have a tremendous range of experience, and this allows us to quickly pick up the reins and help to reduce the workload and stress levels on the business owner. We believe in a process-driven but flexible approach and tailor our service to each of our clients.

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