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If you aren’t sure whether The Sounding Board service is for you, why not try it out for free? We offer a no-obligation taster session, for anyone who’s on the fence about whether it might be the perfect solution for their business.

Why not take advantage of a free half-an-hour taster session?

The taster session is carried out by phone, it's a 30-minute mini-audit of your current HR strategy or an HR issue that you need help with, including:

Exposure review

A review of where you might be exposed to risk of future problems


Our top three recommendations for simple initiatives that could get significantly enhanced performance out of your team

Written Summary

A written summary of our call so that you can go away and put things in place

Success Plan

An outline of how we could help you transform your HR from ‘functioning’ to ‘FANTASTIC’!

Apply for your free taster by filling in the form below and we’ll be in touch to book you in as soon as we can!


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