You might not need, or want, a full time HR manager yet, but aren’t there times when you wish you could just pick up the phone, get some quick and professional HR Advice, without having to explain your entire business set-up?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone on the end of the phone or available by email, who was already familiar with your business, and could just give you specific HR advice, or suggest a professional solution to a HR problem?

We developed our HR Sounding Board service because so many small business owners face this exact challenge, month-in, month-out. We know that not all businesses are quite ready to take on a dedicated HR manager, but that doesn’t mean their business doesn’t have HR needs that have to be addressed.

If this sounds familiar, our HR Sounding Board service could be the right solution for you. For a small, monthly retainer, you’ll have direct access to our expert HR guidance (up to a pre-agreed amount of time across the month) by phone or email. You can use it whenever you need a quick bit of HR advice.

Any time that you don’t use in a particular month will be rolled over to the next month so you are never out of pocket.

FREE Taster Session

If you like the sound of this, why not give us a go? We offer a free trial of this service, so you can see how quickly we get up to speed with your particular business, and start to resolve your HR issues

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