Do you know if your existing HR documentation and policies are fit for purpose?

Are you sure that they’re up to date and in line with the latest legislation?

Do you know if you have everything in place you need to protect your business?

It’s very difficult to keep up to speed with the latest changes to employment law when it’s not your day job. Luckily, it IS our day job, and we make sure we’re always fully informed so that our clients are legally compliant.

We can conduct a full HR audit of your documentation, processes and chat through with you how you manage your HR on a daily basis, to identify any gaps, discrepancies and risks to the business. Once our HR audit is completed we will provide a detailed report of our findings, with actionable recommendations on how to move forward to ensure your documentation delivers the right level of support and protection for your business and your workforce.

We will also make recommendations for developing a sound HR strategy. Our recommendations will include the actions that are essential for legal compliance, desirable for efficient day-to-day HR management along with some ‘nice to haves’ for the future to boost your employer brand and make your business a great place to work.

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