This is our signature service, where we work with a business to transform the HR part of their business from ‘functioning’, to FANTASTIC.

Having spent years working in-house and with clients, we know what it takes to build a truly fantastic HR framework. One that supports staff and allows them to thrive. We have turned our expertise into a programme that we work through with small businesses.

The process takes five months from start to finish, and involves a complete overhaul of your entire HR system. We’ll look at everything, from reviewing your vision and values for the business (working with you to draft them if they don’t already exist), your employee contract, your policies and procedures or employee handbook and induction planning right through to your performance management process.

Once the new documentation and processes are drafted and agreed, we’ll support you in making them live, and as part of this programme you’ll also get six months of our Sounding Board service included. This helps us to monitor your new HR framework as it beds in, and support you through the rollout and beyond – making improvements where necessary.

The end result will be a complete transformation of your HR approach. You will have a clear, communicable vision for the future of your business, that your employees can buy into.

Plus, a comprehensive employment contract, a set of policies and procedures that protect you and your staff, provide guidance and help manage expectations, and an ongoing, real-time and constructive performance management process. Your staff will be given everything they need to do their best work, and they’ll be doing it in an empowering, supportive environment

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